The Jamaican culture is still very rich and colorful, influenced many and loved by millions of people around the world. Most times the culture is influenced by the native Jamaican music, which then inspires and influences the people, including the talented dancers.

The music can be heard across the world, but the dancers are hardly ever seen because they are ignored by most people after the party or street dance. It’s 2015, we are deep in the digital age and there are still only very few good quality videos of local Jamaican dancers performing. Whenever we come across one, we have to share it not just with the Jamaican Diaspora but with the world.

Meet the Black Eagle Dancers, a group of four from out of St. Catherine, Jamaica. The self-proclaimed “Kings of New School Dancehall,” who said they’ve helped to uplift the dancehall culture to a higher level, and they are doing just that by sharing a peek of how they vibe within their community. This will no doubt influence other local talents to capture and share high-quality footage of their performances.



Jr Black Eagle
Jr Black Eagle

The Black Eagles dominate all type of dancehall steps including older steps and moves created by the late great Mr. Wacky a.k.a Bogle up to today. The Black Eagles quickly learned, mastered and remixed others dance moves created by other dance groups. Though dancehall is their preferred genre of music, Black Eagles also perform other dance styles such as Hip Hop, African, Salsa, Disco, and Modern. The group was founded by Nicholas Richards and Kemardo Douglas in 2011. Craig Williams joined in 2012 and Daniel Campbell became the fourth member of the group in 2013.