Kingston, Jamaica – While most people may not know and the media fail to highlight, are the thousands of visitors our parties and dancers attract to Jamaica yearly. Dancehall is shaping the Jamaican culture more than ever today and in it there are many influencers: artists, dancers, djs and selectors. The said visitors are not just here to enjoy themselves, but they also share our culture with their friends back home and the world looking in,  — just do a search on YouTube  — not media.

Dancehall CultureMore and more tourist and visitors alike are sharing their experiences especially on Instagram. Yes, the world knows that thousands of tourist visit the island for just beach and the food, but there are aspiring European dancers whose sole aim is to experience the culture as much they can.

In a recent video uploaded on YouTube, nicely edited with annotations, the Bundem Squad dancers from Spain, who visited the island last week, gave an insight of the ‘Dancehall life.‘ There are cameos by most of the popular Jamaican dance crews including the Dance Xpressions Family and the Black Eagles as well as artistes such as Beenie Man and Chi Ching Ching. In the description of the video, the squad shared that they filmed the video to share their experiences as well as to remember and highlight those who have shared the amazing adventure with them.