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Alkaline’s Magnum ‘New Rules’ Performance: 4/10

After 3-year-break from performing in Jamaica, Alkaline performed at the Magnum ‘New Rules’ concert as the headliner last Saturday held at the National Stadium Car Park, St. Andrew, Jamaica.

After MC Dj Sunshine had cursed at media crews, the event staff and some of Alkaline’s entourage, all eager to witness his stage entry, to get off the stage, Alkaline took the stage 3:15 am.

Dressed in skinny black jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black leather jacket, Alkaline opened his set with ‘Conquer The World’ to screaming fans, some of whom uprooted the fence separating the VIP and General sections after a barrage of gunshots were heard when Alkaline came on stage causing a bit of stampede.

The 23-year-old thriving dancehall star continued his performance reeling out a slew of hits including ‘Champion Boy,’ ‘Formula,’ ‘ATM,’ ‘Wait Yuh Turn,’ ‘City,’ ‘Extra Lesson’ and ‘Spoil Yuh.’

Fans were left bewildered when Alkaline seemed to have left the stage, only to be reintroduced by DJ Sunshine. He sang Badness It Name and Microwave before walking off stage again, leaving fans to assume that he had set was finished.

Earlier ‘New Rules’ concert also featured other top acts like Shaggy, Mavado, Tarrus Riley, I-Octane, and the fast-rising artiste Jahmiel.

Editor’s note: I expected Alkaline to give us a great performance; one that would set him apart from what we’re used to and frankly tired of in dancehall. A remarkable display of artistry that would make a statement to dancehall fans that he has improved, but instead, we got the same overly hyped, rushed, noisy, bagga-man, a shout-and-choke-on-the-mic-like-yuh-a-cuss performance — a poor performance (4/10) — partly to be blamed on the promoters/stage managers. While we could hear and see that he is now more confident than before — hyped off his home crowd’s reaction, — he has a lot of work to do.

So I guess we will be seeing him improving in subsequent performances? Mavado, as a young vet, you could have done better, setting an example for the young star…. to say the least.