Chronixx has announced part one of his Capture Land Jamaica Tour, a three-parish tour featuring his Zincfence Redemption Band live in concerts, scheduled for March 13-15. The Reggae Revival artiste has taken a novel approach to his musical tour of the island, PONdENDS understands.

The four four-hour concerts will be produced by his company, Chronixx Music Group, and will be staged in venues to ensure an intimate setting. With strong views and a militant approach to his faith, the singer will share is way of life with patrons and notes that the event will be meat and alcohol free. Four hours? Wheel out, rastaman!

The concerts kick off in St Elizabeth on Friday, March 13, then goes on to Kingston on Saturday, March 14 and culminates in Portland on Sunday, March 15. This will mark his debut performances in Portland and St Elizabeth, giving him a chance to connect with a broader cross section of his fan base. Chronixx steadily rose in popularity, but in 2010, received mass approval with singles Start A Fyah, Capitalist (featuring Infinite), and Behind Curtain, and continues to amass a strong international fan base.

Jamaica Capture Land Tour
Jamaica Capture Land Tour

West Coast Tour

Chronixx and Zincfence Redemption was in the United States on the Dread and Terrible West Coast tour, which features Kelissa and Keznamdi, with 12 stops between February 14 and March 1. This is a testament to the artiste’s belief in building a movement. He explained, “We don’t want to get in any form of competition, and you find that when the industry gets as diverse as it is right now, that is a very good thing for any industry. You find yourself thinking competitive, and for me, that is not a natural thing. Me is a youth love to share my space. I don’t want to ever feel like this space belong to me. Chronixx fi lock Jamaica, and we a lock down this. Mek every youth lock di place.

Chronixx released the seven-track Dread and Terrible Project in 2014 to rave reviews from fans, which also peaked at number one on the Reggae Album Billboard Chart. He also gave fans a sneak preview of the next single, Ghetto People, which premiered on Television Jamaica’s Entertainment Report recently. The artiste notes that while he is always working and recording, he is keen on pacing his releases in the market.