Protoje holds the record for being the first reggae artiste we’ve interviewed for a total 95 minutes on PONdENDS.COM iRadio, when he had just launched his debut album, entitled The Seven Year Itch, released on the 25th January 2011. Why was it such a long chat? We did a hol’ vibes so our listeners could relax and get to know him. We spoke about his past, how he got into the music, why it took him seven years to complete the album, what each track on the album meant to him as we played all 13 of them, one by one, and his vision for the future. We still have the audio! Since then he has been steadily making great impact on the Reggae scene locally and internationally.

Four years later, Protoje represents the spirit of the Reggae Revival well and enlists fellow upcoming heavyweights, Chronixx, Jesse Royal and Kabaka Pyramid, showing that the movement is here to stay. Protoje will be releasing his third studio album entitled ANCIENT FUTURE on 10th March, 2015. “Who Knows” featuring Chronixx is the first official single from this album. The video was released last May and now has over 4 million views on YouTube. “Stylin'” is the second single from the album. The album is now available for Pre-Order on Itunes.

The project is a collaborative effort between producer Phillip ” Winta” James of Overstand Entertainment and Protoje‘s entity, Indiggnation Collective to present an album that navigates through Jamaica’s musical history and present it in a way that embodies an updated energy. Two tracks feature newcomer, Sevana, an Indiggnation Collective Artist, whose soulful delivery is way above par and is sure to appeal to music lovers throughout the world. Mortimer, who is featured in the introduction has also made an impression.

The album has a definitive sound and it identifies with the current temperature of the Jamaican music scene, according to Protoje. It is a step forward in breaking through new barriers and try new ideas that embody the spirit of the 1970’s and 80’s with the new energy of present times.

Protoje concluded 33 shows in 40 days in Toulouse, France.


“When I write lyrics and get to hear them it’s almost like looking in a mirror,” says Protoje. ” I try to be honest about what I was feeling in my chest and speak it to get the chance to reflect and learn from it. The music on this album allowed me the freedom to do so. Working with Winta has really made me into a better artist in that having observed me as an artist over the years he was able to evaluate my strength and weaknesses.”

From his first two albums, we were introduced to a newcomer who quickly became the “brand new prince pon the scene” (as heard in ‘Who Dem A Program’). In Ancient Future, Protoje has clearly established a throne and the bounds of his kingdom.

Ancient Future Tracklist:

1. Protection (feat. Mortimer)
2. Criminal
3. Who Knows (feat. Chronixx)
4. All Will Have to Change
5. Stylin
6. Love Gone Cold (feat. Sevana)
7. Sudden Flight (feat. Jesse Royal & Sevana)
8. Bubblin
9. Answer To Your Name
10. Who Can You Call
11. The Flame (feat. Kabaka Pyramid)

*All songs produced by Winta James.
“Bubblin'” produced by Winta James, Protoje Diggy, and Paris Lamont.
“Answer To Your Name” produced by Winta James and Lewis Planter.

While reggae is the obvious root of his expression, this new album really blurs the line between reggae and hip hop in a way that will be most pleasant to fans of both genres. Protoje will be touring the Globe with his band, The Indiggnation as he brings the musical tracks embodied in the album to the people, live on stage, throughout 2015.