The BMW i8 is a $150,000, four-wheeled, carbon fiber-reinforced-plastic talisman of absurdity. Effectively explaining the i8 in a few words can be a challenge.

For lack of a better description, it’s BMW’s exclamation point: an unapologetic, outrageous supercar that looks unlike anything else the auto industry has ever made. In that regard it echoes unmistakable BMW icons like the 507 and M1, but the i8 is more than just a unique car — it’s an over-the-top expression of BMW’s vision for the future of the automobile. If the i8 is a little peek into the future of cars, come me in! Check out The Verge’s review of the i8!

It’s a mess of beautiful contradictions. It’s an exotic with just 357 total horsepower; it’s an electric car with a gasoline engine; it’s one of the most expensive cars BMW makes, yet has one of the lowest fuel costs.